So I'm looking at the 8-string guitars on the Schecter website. Problem is, I'm not sure which one would be best for me out of the 4 or 5 models they have. Since I figure you people probably have more knowledge of the specs than I do, I thought I'd ask around.

I'm interested in playing metal but also would like something with a lovely clean sound. Any ideas? Thanks guys.
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I'm interested in playing metal but also would like something with a lovely clean sound. Any ideas? Thanks guys.

Good luck with that, as far as i know all schecter's 8 strings are routed for active pickups, which do not produce what anyone would call lovely cleans. You'll be using duncan blackouts or emg 808s if you choose schecter, both are great distorted, but tbh have bad cleans
I really prefer the 808's over the 707's and the cleans are subjective. Obviously for a very sterile and "clean" clean sound then they obviously excel at that.
Having actually played with both EMG808s and 808Xs, I can say that they have beautiful cleans. You just need to actually tweak your settings for once. If you get one with 808s, I'd recommend doing the 18v mod to give them more headroom.

Re Blackouts v 808s, it depends on what you want. Blackouts have higher output and more bass. I didn't want high output nor overpowering bass, so I stuck with my 808s and swapped them to 808Xs.

But as for Schecter, I'm afraid I'm useless.
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Thank you all for the input. So I think I'll go with the 808s, that being said I have narrowed it down to the Damien Elite-8 and the Hellraiser C-8. Any other thoughts?
Hellraiser. I find mahogany 8's to be a bit muddy though, maybe look for a used ESP STEF-B8? It's Alder and maple and as such will be considerably more defined.
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I'd suggest getting on one of their higher end ones with a longer scale, I'd stay away from the one(s?) that have a 26.5" While that might be fine for a 7 string, an 8 you'd for sure want a longer scale, Also, Active pickups CAN give you a nice clean tone, in fact Active pickups were MADE for clean jazz/bluesy players originally. Do the 18v mod though once you get them though. As far as which specific guitar, preference. But those are the things to remember.
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