Hello, i've been unsatisfied with my tone, although with my limited gear its probably unavoidable but perhaps someone could shed some light on what i should do to make the best of what i got. Basically, i've got a peavey studio pro 112, a digitech tl-2 metal distortion, and a schecter c-1 classic. I generally like playing various things but im mainly a metal dude, my favorite bands being meshuggah, gojira, opeth, anything devin townsend does, and psycroptic, but i really like guthrie govan and exivious as well. What i'm going for is based around those bands. Heavy, tight, lots of clarity. I also dont want my higher strings to sound like ear cancer, but i cant seem to do that while keeping good low end. Anyone have any suggestions? Help is very appreciated.
I don't particularly agree with ironic. I went through this same issue when I was younger when my problem was trying to use to much distortion and low end.

Obviously you're not going to get a awesome tone like you would from a tube amp, but you should be able to get something playable with what you have. For my current practice amp I'm using the Peavey Bandit 112 and I can get satisfactory tones from it (which looks to be similar to yours). My current setting are Pre-gain 4, Low 4, Mid 7, High 6.5, Presence 5-6. Post gain and Reverb whatever. I've never had good experiences with distortion pedals (I believe in using the amps gain and boosting with an overdrive pedal if needed personally) so try without it first.

I hope this helps and sorry if not :P

Good luck!
man what i can tell you being a broke mofo myself is,,,,save up buy a tube amp, sounds like you could use as peavey 6505 or whatever...that is the first essential thing especially if you are going to play with other ppl bc solid amps just sound trash the louder they get....trust me i practice on 50$ solid state and jam/rehearse/gig on a 2000$ rig...they just sound so much better even if you don't spend that much cash a tuber amp will sound infinite better...second, try a shit load of guitars through the amp you have...humbuccker, single coils, different woods...narrow of it down to what you like and then find the best you can afforrd

your guitar acutally is pretty quality...just save up and buy a tube amp and a pedal or two.....any tube amp will sound sooooo much better than your rig now. i mean there is a reason that nice solid amps are the same price as rly cheap tubers
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Thanks guys, unfortunately my amps gain channel is out of wack, not useable, which is why i use a pedal. It seems like my amp is the main problem obviously, but being a poor mofo makes a tube out of the question for now. I do plan on saving up, for 1 later on. Looks like i gotta work with what i got. Thanks again. And yes, the classic is a beast.