ok nice tone s from the guitar to start HOOOH!! hahaha didnt expect that its fun

this is a fun little groove. VOCALS HELLO, a tad pitchy but you have a nice tone and stuff, I LIEK IT!!!


its very nicely mixed!! im happy you made this but I gotta say YOU SHOULD WORK N GET A LIL THING OUT!!! so i can listen to more : )

c4c =)

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As I go:

I like the opening chords; the rest of the intro isn't bad.

As of the first verse, I'm liking the lyrics.

The chorus (the "sink you down" part; I assumed it was the chorus) seems a little weak; I'd multi-track the vocals at least, and maybe try to think of some vocal counter-point.

I like the lyrics of the second verse as well.

The guitar work is pretty good.

The next chorus is a lot better with the fuller sound, but I'd still work on the vocals.

The fade-out at the end wasn't bad, but I feel like it could have been more interesting.

Overall, I liked this song, but I think you need a stronger chorus.

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I agree with Nightwind in that I like the vocal tone but just needs a few pitch tweaks. I really like how clear the instruments are in the mix – especially the drums which are clear and well-played. Really dig the section at 2:42 - that was bad ass. I think this song just needs a stronger hook than the “Sink you down” line for the chorus. I think it’s a good fit for an album song but then probably not a single. Overall, a real nice song which could only benefit from a few little tweaks.

Well done sir.

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