Okay, lately, while I have no idea why, my playing fingers will get extremely tired in the middle of fast songs. They'll be okay after the song, but they hurt really bad in the middle of the song and can sometimes caused me to **** up in the middle of it. (We play Iron-Maiden/Motorhead type songs with many Santana-inspired ballads) I'm trying to correct this problem before my band plays live so, does anybody have any tips on how to either get my fingers stronger? Or perhaps its my playing technique itself?

I'm open to ideas, ask me if you want me to upload a video of me playing in-order to showcase exactly what Im talking. Take into note the song I'm playing is at 200 bpm.
a gripmaster is good to workout your fingers while travelling or something, but you''l build strength just playing. I think it might be a technique issue, not strength. strength issues is when you can't fret hardenough, bend enough, etc. what you're lacking is stamina.
BTW you said this started to happen now, didn't it happen berfore? or it started to happen when you started playing faster songs?

I think it just might be a technique problem. maybe you're putting your fingers in a position that demands more effort innecesarily. but i can't help from here and there will be users more experienced than me to help.
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Gripmasters will cause carpal tunnel and other hand damage. Just ask any physical therapist or orthopedic surgeon.

Honestly there are no quick answers or magic here. Strength and stamina come over time and practice. There are good practice drills for bass that do help like spider scales and Josquin des Pres has a whole book of bass exercises that help build speed, stamina and flexibility in playing bass.
Wow, I actually seen one of those before. I think the guitarist from my old band had one. I'll see if I can get one.


Idk why but it took my post an extra long amount of time to be put into the thread but to answer your questions.

I will be trying a gripmaster even though it might cause a bit of damage. I wanna try it just to try it.

Also, before when I played my fingers never got tired. It's probably because I'm doing more straight up 8th and 16th notes like Steve Harris. Typically, I've played riffs that were either slower, and chunky or super technical.
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I am going to sound like a Mom here (well I am one, so it comes naturally), but don't get a gripmaster. My husband (and drummer in the band) had two carpal tunnel surgeries to repair repetitive motion issues and they weren't fun. Prior to that it was rounds of cortisone shots and daily pain.

If you are looking for some hand exercisers check these out. They are used by physical therapists to strengthen hands and are much safer in the long run. And they're cheap!