I'm sure the information I need is somewhere, but I'm even more sure I don't know where to find it.

I have an Ibanez GRX20guitar, unmodified currently. I was advised to buy a cheap H-H guitar to start out with, and now that I am starting to understand a little more about playing, I find I want the ability to switch to a single pickup.

What I do know about humbuckers is that they are essentially two single pickups. I believe there should be a way to disable one side of the humbucker to produce a single.

If I can disable one of the humbuckers, then a switch should allow me to reenable it at will.

I'd prefer not to dig into the project without more information, and if someone has already done this and done a writeup, that would be awesome.

Anyway, Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

BTW : I know it's a cheap guitar. I intend this to be a testbed for other mods after I get something better, but for now it is what I have and what I will be working on.
yeah it has been done. alot of companies coil split pickups and have push-pull pots to go from humbucker to single coil
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Getting new pickups (even a cheap GFS or Dragonfire) with the 5 wires will be a lot easier than going into the pickups themselves if you want to only use one coil.

I want to be able to switch between them, but more importantly, I want to mod the humbuckers myself.

It's a thing.