Alright so I'm getting a strat soon and I really don't want to run it through my 6505. So I'm looking for suggestions for a low wattage tube amp that will compliment my strat.

-First and foremost my budget will probably be between $400-500 USD
-Preferably 15-40 watts.
-I want to get good cleans but also have it get a lil dirty though if its a single a channel I can always boost it.
-Combo would be preferred but I will think about it if its a nice head, though I would than have to gather more $$ for a cab and I'm about to graduate college
-I'll be playing SRV, Hendrix, Clapton, Skynyrd, Zepplin, and other similar artists.

Thanks Guys

Edit: I don't mind going used.
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I have a marshall class 5 and love it to pieces...single channel and 5 watts...but man does it pack a punch
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Peavey classic 30? 200-350 used.
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So far I really like the Peavey classic 30 and fender hotrod deluxe, but the fenders go for a lot more used that the classic 30. Any reason you guys can think of that I should cough up the extra money for the hotrod deluxe. I've only had peavey amps since I started so I really want to try something new, but the price point on the classic 30 used is making me lean towards it. It will only be for home use if it helps.
Ibanez RG1550 Prestige
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dont forget to check out the jet city picovalve. for a 5 watt switchable down to 2 watt amp. its pretty sweet
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fenders are a lot cleaner than peaveys in my opinion, i'm just not a fan of peavey at all. i would get the hot rod deluxe. and if you are getting a strat nothing beats fender through fender. if you can find one i've seen the used deluxe reverb reissues go for about 5 or 6, those things will blow the peavey away, only 22 watts too.
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
Carvin V16. Highly overlooked, but should do exactly what you want based on what you described. You can only order it factory direct though, so you can't try it out in person.
Looking at what you want to play ideally I would want to have two amps. But given the circumstances I'd suggest a Blues Jr or a Deluxe Reverb. With a 'Marshall-in-a-box' pedal in front of the DR I can achieve something in the region of all that kind of stuff but then can kick it off and go back into rich cleans that have a bit of attitude when you crank it up. It's 22W and is 'quiet' for its wattage so should suit what you want.

Also DRs seem to be 'everywhere' in guitar-world terms. It's one of those popular amps if you get what I'm saying.
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a used hot rod dlx should be about $325-350 tops. that would work well with a choice few pedals with the left over monies.
I'd see if you couldn't pick up a Blues Junior NOS. I'd say that it's better than the HR Deluxe, and breaks up easier, too.
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the Peavey Classic 30 is a solid recommendation, the HRD is if you never want a usable gain channel (i played one for a few minutes the other day, the dirt is even worse than i remember it being a while ago). deluxe reverb would be what i recommend. or, look for an old silverface. i have a 1968 bassman that is heavenly, they can be picked up pretty cheap and are great because they are really easy to work on, and are honestly probably better built than stuff today twice the price.

there tons of old fenders on craigslist. i just saw a silverface twin reverb head for $400 on craigslist. he even had it retubed.

i would have liked to swiped that one.