Hey, this is my first, and probably only piece. I'm not much of a writer, but I thought of this, so I'm looking for some critique.

As she walked
into the room
That white room,
Sealed off from life

She sat on the stool
Her eyes gleaming from
the single lightbulb

The room had no doors
No windows or sun
No person or creature
to fill the void

And that girl sat
upon that stool
staring at the walls
with a heart full of love

First it was minutes
Minutes turned to hours
And hours to days
She sat in that room

Cut off from the world
No one to see
How white the room was
And how blank her face was

Then, in a fire
So great it burns the eyes
that room was black
Holes around the walls

And amidst the coals
on a wooden stool
Sat a familiar girl
Staring at a whole new world