Nice bluesy song. Love the guitar sound on the solo. I dig the career track your on.

As far as the video, it's ok, but it could be a little better. Even though I make a lot of different one's, I still love "performance"music vids. Gives me a little taste of watching the artist live.

Saying that, try cutting in a couple of closeups (you singing, fingers playing a lick, etc.) it will give the video more interest. Try sticking to straight cuts on a music video, unless a transition has a specific purpose (2:14 for instance, the transition works perfectly).

Also, you need a couple more angles. When you cut back to the guitar/bass, it was always the same angle. We see it coming, so we get restless. Even if you moved the camera a couple of steps for the bass, it would be harder to predict what shot is coming.

Finally, try to avoid every shot being eye level. Watch movies, the camera is high up (crane/ you can use a ladder), low(floor) etc., adds visual interest.

If this is your first try, you did a great job. These are only suggestions, you can break almost any "rule" if it works for your particular shot.

Here's a thread I started for a video I just directed.


Leave a comment. Let me know what you think. I still want to hear what people like or don't like.

Keep making great music!
Thanks so much for the helpful response.

Yes, it was my first try, so I was sure there would be lot's of tips people like yourself could give me. I will definitely try and vary the shots more on my next one, film myself playing it from different angles and such...

And yeah, I'm glad you liked the bit at 2.14, I was quite happy with that one....

Will check yours out now.