forgotten in the path of torment and evil
my soul has loss all of his humanity
now i'm trapped in the realm of hatred
rage has blinded my eyes,
my hunger for death grows faster than everything
searching for human blood, seeking for destruction
hating all emotions, i despite love, friendship and compassion
in this world i want only chaos and aggression
raping flesh, burning rips, desmebering forms of life,
total killing, nuclear eradication, toxic deaths, mortal disease
how i love the smell of hate
orgasm trought hate
negating our emotions
death and chaos we support
satan has got our soul letting us fall in the abyss of hatred
i want to KILL
Kill christian, kill preachers, kill pure people, kill virgins
kill politicians, kill YOU
my hate is blind, everyone is a target of my insanity
don't pray to your god, we're the warrios of evil
human race must be extinted
orgasm trough hate
negating our emotions
death and chaos we sopport
Satan has got our souls letting us fall in the abyss of hatred
Wtf? Dude I really hope you're feeling better! If not, I seriously recommend some Bob Marley and Lennon. It can only do you good
This is... not very good I'm not gonna lie
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

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