Since I don't have a full time job I won't be getting a full blown head and cab for a while, so I'm looking to upgrade from my sh*tty Spider III to an amp combo. I'm looking for an amp combo that you can get a good metal tone from (peavey 6505+) but still have decent cleans. I was thinking of getting the Peavey 112 combo but the reviews say the cleans aren't that great.
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To be honest, most people who down the cleans on a 6505 haven't played one. I'm not saying they are perfect, or stunning, but...
I'm not even using a plus model and I can manage to get some more than usable cleans. All you have to do is keep the pre gain down on 1 and eq it from there. Sure there are plenty of amps that have cleans bounds ahead of any 6505's, but with a little effort you can get some really nice sounds. Not even beginning to mention adding pedals (delay/chorus) to the mix.
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The 6505 is just a bad amp all around. What kind of tones are you looking to get? what bands/genres? Budget? Etc.
Periphery, Born of Osiris (The Discovery), August Burns Red, The Devil Wears Prada (Dead Throne), Bring Me the Horizon (Suicide Season, and I only really listen to them for the guitar tone lol), djent, stuff like that. Probably the highest being $800
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