I'm looking for a Fender Tube Amp, I really like the clean sounds and I can use pedals for distortion. I know they don't have too many stacks, but if there's a good head/cab combo with full sounding cleans and sounds good with distortion pedals that would be best.

Budget - probably $1000-$1500, could go up to $2000 but I'd prefer to stay lower
Genres - mostly Punk, Ska, Jazz, or Deathcore
New or Used - Either one floats my boat
Home or Gig - Used for Gigs
Closest City - Calgary, Canada
Current Gear - Will mainly use Fender Strat, Gibson SG, Boss Metalzone, MXR Distortion III
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Clean amp + pedals =/= great for br00t4lz

Their highest gain amp ATM is the Super Sonic, which is available as a head and is a great amp IMO, but isn't quite the right voicing for want you want.

Maybe look for some amp which does all you want without pedals. For your budget you will definately find an amp which does it all well on its own.
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A Fender for deathcore...
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With that budget you can find an amp that's going to blow your pedals away. I don't mean that in a bad way. $1500 amp distortion > $80 pedal distortion. I'm a Mesa fan, so I'm going to recommend them. They make great amplifiers and have great customer service. Can't go wrong with a Rectifier, and the clean channel has a similar feel to a Fender clean. Has the scooped sound. Not quite as pristine and chimey, but I still love the cleans.

If you're set on Fender, the 65 Deluxe Reissue is the best thing they're making right now.. but it's a combo and no head/cabinet version is available. They don't have much available in head/cab form. Beware that if you gig with a Metal Zone through a 65 Deluxe, someone is probably going to fight you.
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I like Rectifiers just because their so versatile, it's like having a workman that's REALLY good at everything, carpentry, painting, electrics, plastering. But I personally thing ENGLs have the best base distortion. Also, how much are AxeFX's going for these days?
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To be fair, I'm a session guy and I use my Deluxe for heavy metal when the studio doens't have a Mesa, Marshall, Splawn, etc that I can use and it sounds pretty fat!

That being said, given what you said I'd look into maybe a Mesa Tremoverb (which to +1 the ninja poster above me is a type of Dual Rectifier). I've always found it to be a good mix of fender and monster.
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search the vintage market and get an old silverface bassman head/cab or bandmaster...

but i have to agree with the others, if one of your styles is deathcore i'm not sure fender will be the best choice, the supersonic amps are the closest amps fender has to modern gain tone. but that being said it isn't the best fender amp you can get for head/cab either.

i would open your options up a bit and go for mesa or marshall
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
look for a used Mesa MarkIV and a 2x12 cab.

Splawn amps are amazing, but aren't quite Fender clean you'd have to go used.
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+1 for a Mesa

tube distortion > pedals and you'll still have a great clean platform if you want to use some pedals for dirt variety.
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Ok after watching several videos I think I'm probably going with the Mesa Dual Rectifier. Thanks for the help brothers \m/