Hi, it's my first ever post here so do excuse me if I'm not supposed to post this kind of questions in this place...

Anyway, I played Tanglewood TW130 CE (and its brothers) at guitar shops and absolutely loved that full mahogany body's sound, and I always liked the action of Tanglewood guitars. But after some research I found out the Vintage ve900mh has just about all the same specs with maybe even better electronics, and it's a lot cheaper!

But I never get a chance to actually try it so I was wondering if anyone has tried them both and can give me some comments about how similar they sound and the playability?

Cheers, any help much appreciated!
the tanglewood probably has higher quality hardware and electronics. do they have the same pickups? if not then the tanglewood probably has better pickups.
The Tanglewood has its own Tanglewood electronics, the Vintage has Fishman pickup & preamp. Dunno about the quality of the wood, that's why I asked.