Guitar - Epiphone STD
Strings - Gibson 10"
Problem - "A" string makes "zzz" noise whe you pres 1st to 12th fret.

It feels like the string is too low but it's not. Guitar is new and frets are not worned out. I can lift guitar bridge, but the i can't tune it normally. I mean I can tune it, but the noo chanses to tune it on 12th fret. What should I do? It's starting to annoy me..
all my strings are zzzing (because they are very low), but when you play through the amp you dont hear that stuff anyways so
I would understand it if my guitar would be as cheep as rubbish, bu now it's kind a expensive thing.. I'm not always playing with amp, so if i'm playing without amp it's really annoyng. It sounds like i can't press hard enought, but I can..
actions probably too low, plenty of youtube videos will tell you how to raise it on a les paul, i cba explaining lol
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Even expensive guitars can need set up.
Depending on the guitar you could try raise the bridge slightly.
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Take your guitar to someone who actually knows how to set it up. It will save you a lot of headaches
As someone pointed out, the price of a guitar doesn't mean squat when it comes to things like this. I mean, sure, with an expensive guitar, it's reasonable to assume that it's tip-top, but still, even Gibson, whose guitars aren't cheap very often, has had notoriously bad quality control over the last decade or so, with a lot of people getting flawed guitars.

However, this doesn't sound like it's not repairable. Take it to a tech or a luthier, they'll be able to figure it out.

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Watched youtube videos how to adjust strings height.. I tryed to adjust the strings height. I can get soud it clearly, but then I can't tune guitar on 12th fret or any fret. There's problem with G and top E strings. It sounds too high and there is no more place where to move bridge tuners.

There where I live, there is no place where somebody would tune my guitar, thats the problem..
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Fret buzzing specifically from the nut to the 12th fret could also be a neck relief problem.
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Try replacing string if all else fails, could have been stretched a little when it was put on there. I did that on my low E the last time I restrung it and got buzzing from 12 down. I also changed the string gauge slightly. The one I put on there was too thin for my previous bridge level.
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There's a guy on youtube, his name is jeffersononetwo. He has a guide on how to set up a stratocaster.
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There's a guy on youtube, his name is jeffersononetwo. He has a guide on how to set up a stratocaster.

It's Les Paul..

Liftet a little bit all strings. Everything is in tune, A string is still buzzing, but less then before.. When it'll start to annoy me, gonna find professional to tune that thing. Thanks for help