Hey guys, sorry if this isn't the right forum for this, I'm not sure... Anyway. So this is my "mock metal" band, Demon F*cker. The whole idea for this began because we were getting sick of these damn "hardcore" kids thinking they're so god damn tough because of the music they listen to, and running around in circles slapping eachother like nancys. In retaliation to this ridiculous scene, we created Demon F*cker, the most brütal death metal band ever to have walked the planet. Before each show we cover our selves in deer blood (chocolate syrup and red food dye :]), and throughout the show make the biggest mess with it we possibly can. And Basically the whole point of our existance is to be super offence, super annoying, and make fun of the shitty bands we play with (not saying that they are all shitty, we've actually played with some suprisingly talented musicians.) Who can POSSIBLY be tougher than that? NOBODY. WE F*CK DEMONS, for f*cks sake.

Anyway, we have a 7 song ep coming out, hopefully by the end of the month. The tracks are as followed:

'Jungle Beatdown'
'Kill Your Dad'
'Horny For Death'
'Dissection of The First Born'
'Baseball Bat Abortion (Batter up!)'
'Defend Pop Punk All You Want, We're Still Going To ****ing Mutilation You'
'...It's Coming'

So yeah, I will post the links to the Facebook page (which it would be awesome if you liked, any sort of support is much appreciated.) and the Youtube page. Thanks!

Eh, 6/10 nice try

EDIT: I never actually listened. That's for the post itself.

EDITEDIT: Does your drummer know you replaced him with a robot?
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Our drummer programmed the drums. It just sounded better than his drumset.