I recently picked up an Epiphone Dot for cheap and I'm gonna swap out a bunch of the parts. I think I know what I want in terms of pick-ups and all, and I know I want to change the nut, but I really know nothing about the difference between materials, etc. Could anyone hash out the conventional wisdom on this?
I prefer Earvana because they're fool-proof. As long as the shelf is flush with the fretboard, you'll never have open string buzz and you won't have to worry about being screwed after sanding it down too far. I can't comment on materials, but just wanted to share that.
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graphite is generally recommended as the best for tuning stability, bone or brass are held as the better tone options, brass a lot more tricky to get a perfect fit with though, not so easy to shape and sand metals
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Personally, I like stainless steel as a nut material, with brass being a close second and corian (!) coming in third.

Brass and stainless have a similar sound, with brass having a slightly warmer tone. Corian is a particularly smooth and dense plastic that's easy to shape and cheap to obtain