Hello, i just want to know from you guys about wich metal songs you find the hardest to play.im talking more about riffs than solos. I started to practice the song frantic disembowlment and i can barely play the intro riff at half tempo. What is the most difficult song you ever tried to play?
Any song by Lamb of God is pretty downstroke heavy and has alot of weird riffs.
Jeff Loomis, As I lay dying have some stuff too.
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As well as Jeff Loomis (Miles of Machines)... Necrophagist is horrible if you can't sweep.

And then there's Djent. Meshuggah (pretty much anything), Animals as Leaders (Tempting time, CAFO), as well as Periphery
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and then there's free jazz, which isn't even for musicians.

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Anything off Death Magnetic...

It's just so nutty!

"Ein Herz von flimmernden Hirngespinsten,
Ohne Halt und ohne Boden.
Feuer des Winters,
Herr der Träume,
Vater aller Türen: Öffne!"
Paysage d'Hiver - Ich schreite
Why do all metal songs have names with wierd words in them, it's not cool or scary, it's sorta nerdy TBH.
most periphery, jeff loomis, satriani, hendrix and vai
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Why do all metal songs have names with wierd words in them, it's not cool or scary, it's sorta nerdy TBH.
its cuz we metalheds r so inteligint
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Meshuggah (pretty much anything)

If you have an ear for timing, the vast majority of Meshuggah songs are easy as shit.

On topic, the absolute hardest thing I've ever learned in its entirety and subsequently failed miserably at playing is Culinary Hyperversity by Necrophagist. I tried Fermented Offal Discharge as well but gave up.
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