Soooooo, I recently got a TC Electronic Flashback. It sounds awesome! It's perfect except for one major problem.

It doesn't have a tap tempo.

The strum tempo thing is cool and all, but I play in a band that tends to dramatically fluctuate tempos, and the strum tempo is impossible to do mid-song. So, I'm looking to get it modded to have a jack for an external tap tempo (so I could set the tempo with something like the Boss FS-5U).

So, my question is: Would this mod even be possible? Is there anyone that does mods like this? Would it be possible for me to even do this on my own? etc, etc

Or, would I be better off selling it and buying a another delay (a Boss DD20 perhaps)?

Normally, I'd say no, but there may be something to this strum tempo thing that you can set a small momentary button to recreate the conditions to achieve s different tempo by tapping the button, emulating yourself strumming to change the tempo. How does the strum tempo work?

EDIT: Just watched a vid on it, and this would be absolutely impractical. Get a different delay.
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