Hey sup, I'm in a local band from memphis tn, we're called Whatsinaname...here's a link. promote whatever PLUG http://www.facebook.com/pages/Whatsinaname/119088534795820
but.... Some of the members including myself have grown exceptionally tired of our gimmicky name. We tried to change it a couple months ago but no one could come to a single agreement. Some of my favorite runners were Dinosaur Nebraska, The Bergs, Thomas From Phoenix, and some more. We're really not a singular genre kind of band. We play whatever and write whatever feels good to us. I guess if you had to come up with two sounds it would be Popcore in one corner and Indie alternative close kind of "hipster" if you want to say so...but our name is ALWAYS spelled wrong. (What's In a Name, or WhatISinaname etc.) So what do you guys think....please enlighten me.
Name it some thing comical and memorable.. like "We have nothing to prove" or "I can't miss you if you're always pestering me" haha.
Dinosaur Nebraska kind of goes with the genres you described imo