I know the hog, pog and micro and what not will give me a organ tone, but i cant really afford ehx products at this time, haha also cant afford a midi pickup. what mix of pedals would give me a good organ tone? any certain pitch shifter?
Nothing short of a POG will do it, really. The Whammy can do harmonies but it doesn't sound very good with them.

You might find an organ cheap on Craigslist or local newspaper listings. I see people giving them away for free here all the time. The trouble with that is that organs are very big and heavy things to move and will almost certainly require you to rent a truck.
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The new Earthquaker Organizer will, but if you can't afford a Micro POG you probably can't afford that either (they haven't released a price yet). Save your money, watch craigslist closely. Get a good pitch shifter, you get what you pay for.
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I live in eastern ky, can't find a organist under the age of 70 and im certain they're not wanting to play sonics/seeds/standells type stuff, haha.
what pitch shifter would you reccomend ?
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