He's a newbie, only been playing for a couple months, and has played piano for 11 or so years. He's mainly a metal head; Trivium, BFMV, Mushroomhead, Slipknot, etc., and he's looking to buy a Fender Mustang II, but still wants that heavy sound. I know it has pre-sets, but what do those sound like?

Mainly though, he's looking at a Garagetone Chainsaw distortion pedal. What would you guys recommend for an amp and pedal? It would have to be available at Long and Mcquades though, so the gear would have to "mainstream", that's the catch.

Amp budget: $200-$250
Pedal budget: $80

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Putting a pedal through a modeling amp is generally not the best idea tone-wise. The Vypyr is great for metal (and everything else). If he's lucky, he can find a used Vypyr Tube 60 in his total budget. I got my Vypyr and Sanpera II for $350.
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