I rarely listen to dubstep and hate it with a passion but this wasn't to bad, so I guess as far as I go that's high praises lol.

transitions - had some mistakes (intentional?) either way it's just a demo

solo - I liked it it was simple, short and sweet maybe a bit quiet but other then that solid , at first I thought it been cool to hear 1:57 and 2:08 switch places but after listening to it again I think it's fine.

Good work, as far as I'm concerned you're the top 1% that doesn't make crap dubstep.
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Eh, it's not really a mixture, the "songwriter" part and the "dubstep" part are clearly defined.
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Vocals are pretty strong in my opinion. Guitar tone is too distant and bassy. Overall the concept seems to work, but you definitely need to improve the tone you are getting on both guitar sounds.
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