Hey everyone, just wondering what you think of my cover of Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, which can be found here:


I played all the instruments and did the production and got my friend to sing.

I'm thinking of turning the piano down a bit and generally cutting all the levels to stop the clipping, because I am quite happy with the overall mix otherwise. I also think the guitar solo should be turned up a bit, maybe.

Thanks in advance for any feedback, C4C naturally!
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Not a big Green Day fan, but you totally nailed it. I didn't really like the echo or whatever effect was on the vocals, but other than that it sounds good. Nice job.
ok off the bat im a little torn on the distortion guitar part. i feel like the tremolo effect if thats what it is is a little much but now that the other instruments have come in its not so prominent. the vocal harmonies in the chorus are very effective and i think overall the female voice is helping giving this song a bit of an original flare despite the fact that you havent changed much (at least i dont think, im not that familiar with this song but youd probably have to be in a cave to not have ever heard it). back to the chorus now, definitely the strongest part of this in my opinion, i cant remember if those harmonies were there but if so i dont like them nearly as much as the way theyre done here.

i apologize for the extended delay between your critique and my getting back to you. i moved back to school this week and pretty much completely forgot about these forums until just now again. i posted an answer to the question you asked me in my thread if youre still interested too.
Nice job - generally all pretty good. Thought there was a bit too much reverb(?) on the lead guitar that does the lick during the verses and you could have turned it up a bit for the main solo, but other than that I liked it.

Thanks for the comment on my thread, have answered your question there so you don't just get a random answer in this one!
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I liked your cover, while there may have been a little too much reverb on the guitar, I actually kinda liked it. You really seemed to capture the feel in all the instruments so good job. Your friends voice was interesting, I felt that I liked it and didn't like it at the same time. If I could explain what that means, I would, but that's all I can say, cuz even I don't know what I mean by that, it's just what I felt. Keep up the good work!
Yes, there was too much reverb on the lead guitar, which made the lead lick during the verse sound a bit strange. Also, maybe add a touch more distortion during the chorus?

It would help to turn it up the bass a bit more too; it would add to the sound a great deal. Also, this song has a good bassline. The drums were tight all the way through so good job on that too.

Overall, very good cover! Good Job


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