I just put a Guitar Fetish vibrola on my modded Tele custom. It all went beautifully and the axe works like a charm. I shimmed the neck, and now it plays better. I noticed that the roller bridge was tilted back. Hasn't been a problem yet, but I was wondering if it will be a source of heart ache further down the road, i.e. ripping out or something less extreme.
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Depends, I don't know what pickups go good with plywood. EMGs will make it sound like every other EMG guitar though.

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it needs a silver flakes
and sara underwood
if it's a roller bridge I would think it's just been set in the guitar at an angle, I doubt it's any pressure pulling it backwards, next time you take your strings off though check to see if the angle changes
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It looks like even the height adjustment screws are angled back. Could be that it's just produced that way. It's weird, but maybe.