Hey everyone just now joined because of my problem of choosing my first guitar and amp. I currently would like to stay in the $600 budget range, and intend on playing range of music from bands like Three Days Grace, Bring Me The Horizon, and Papa Roach once I learn the basics and get decent at playing. Again i'm a complete noob at all of this, and any help would be much appreciated.
get a guitar with 24 frets and no floating trem. that way you can play any song you want without having the hassle of trying to adjust a floating trem.
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Good advice Tyler.

I'd stay away from anything with floyd rose tremolo for now. Its a pain to change out strings and for a beginner, I could see it setting you back because you don't wanna deal with it. Later on, if you go down the path that leads you to FR trem, then by all means. Epi LP's usually don't come with that though.

I'm totally stealing this from 311, but its bad ass: www.allofcraigs.com

This way, you aren't just stuck with what is or isn't posted in your immediate area. Welcome to the club!
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Cheap prices for really nice guitars. Check out the AL line. I have an AL-3000 and I'm pretty much in love with it.

And then for an amp, I suggest the Roland Micro Cube. Pretty awesome range and quality of sounds for under like $150 or so.


but if you got the AL2000, which really isn't that much worse, it'll be <$400

If not the Agile, I also put in a vote for Epiphone.

If you need any sound clips or anything, I can do that. I stand by my setup.

...never mind, I got nothing.

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Thanks for all the much needed help guys, I really appreciate it. I"m probably going to look around for the epiphone and see if I can find it somewhere used (on that allofcraigs site now) and will also definetly check out that rondomusic site you suggested apples. Again, thanks alot and I look forward to seeing yall around on the forums.