dude, this is really really really really awesome!!!!!!!! Did you sing this? If so omg u have an absolutely amazing voice!!!!!!!!! great job!
The vocal performance is really good. You have a really nice, rich deep voice. I think the issue is probably with the way everything is mixed. You can't really hear the drums at all. Obviously you don't want them to be excessively loud for this type of mix but I think there certainly is more room there, especially for the cymbals which are almost inaudible. Although I don't think there is anything wrong with using auto tune to clear up incorrectly pitched notes, I think maybe you or whoever the producer was should go through and just edit the notes which actually need changing in pitch rather than just doing the whole thing. Obviously it is very easy to just leave it on auto mode and do the whole thing at once but I think getting a person to decide rather than a computer allows you to make it sound better. Other than that, yeah nice one.

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It does sound really good man. This really does sound like something that could be on the radio. The drums could come forward a bit more and have a bit more punch. The guitars and bass are at a decent level but could come up maybe just a little. Not so much that it drowns the vocals though because the singing is great. Thanks for the comment by the way!
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That voice... It's great. Very nice tone. The guitar sounds really nice, the playing is very clean. The bass sounds nice and full, the lines fit the song. I'm really not liking the drum sound though, they sound so... robotic. Is it a drum program? It detracts from the song. Besides that, this is amazing. The song itself is catchy, and memorable. The lyrics, from what I can pick out, sound alright. It's structured nicely, I don't feel like I'm listening to the same thing over and over again, but it also has a certain cohesiveness to it that sounds great. Really, amazing song here C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1513972
First of all the drums sounds horrible, but luckily the rest of the song easily makes up for this. I especially liked the kinder surprise lyric. Your voice is a little off when you go into the lower reaches of your range, however I think this adds character to the song. Finally with the lack of drums its hard to feel a large dynamic difference between the verse and chorus etc which makes the song 'drag on' a little. All in all good work, heres a link to my stuff https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1514283

really well done here pal. The vocals are literally spotless! I really like the recording as well, very clean but slightly raw the the same time.
As for song writing, you've got some wicked ideas in this track. It never loses your interest and the layout of the song and the chord progressions are very mature.
Only thing i'd like to point out is that even though the drums is very good and suits the track perfectly, the drums themselves dont sound very powerfull
Either way, keep it up!
This sounds really good. Like everyone else has said, the vocals sound incredible. i could definitely imagine hearing this on the radio.
I'd like to hear a little bit of crunch from the guitars, especially during the verse, but thats just me. and of course theres the whole level issue everyone's talking about with the drums. but thats not such a huge deal, because your arrangement serves the song very well and the vocal is so strong that it commands focus, which is perfect. great job on this
ok here we go, listening right now. This might be just because i had my headphones up way louder than i thought but im finding your breaths a little distracting in the beginning parts. the harmony at :35 is highly effective, ill be looking for more of that as the song progresses. guitar sounds really good, bass would be a hair higher in the mix if it were me, not sure im feeling the double bass drum bit before the chorus. the drum part itself is pretty solid throughout but their tone does leave a little bit to be desired. The bass especially is pretty hollow and doesnt bring much thump at all. id say the vocals arent my style and not something id usually listen to but in no way do i mean that theyre bad. they seem not to stray out of tune at any point and fit the song nicely. overall this recording is of high quality and seems like it should have no problem holding the water as the centerpiece to whatever release you have in store.

Hey, I appreciate the critique you left me a few days ago. Sorry about the delay getting back to you, I just moved back to college and the last couple have days have been a bit of a whirlwind. I also responded to your critique on mine and had a little bit of a question on some clarification if you want to check that out again at some point.
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The song itself is really strong and the vocal performance is amazing. Really, the only point of criticism I could give you lies in the production and in the ending. To me the ending sounds a bit dull compared to the rest of the song. Honestly it came as a bit of a surprise, I expected you'd sing 'down' like 2 more times.

It has been said before, but the drums are really lacking. The drum parts itself are good, it's just that at times the volume is too low. I'd also like to hear some more volume on the guitars, though you'd might have to EQ them a bit to prevent the song from sounding too bright. Overall a really nice song that, in my opinion, just needs a few finishing touches. Good job
The vocals sound really great, you have a really full range. Really liked the guitar part at 2:07, and the lead melody at 2:30, but I think the melody should have had a crunchier tone. Gotta agree with everyone with the drum comments, they sound really weak. Otherwise, everything sounded great structurally and musically!

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Man, you definetley have a distinctive voice, i think the music was a little weak compared to your vocal performance, but still, good production, very listenable, especially the middle 8 section, and the song definetley shows off your voice. I hope you sound as good live as you do on record

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