Hey, I'm looking for a good, versatile overdrive pedal for indie rock. Stuff like Modest Mouse, The Strokes, White Stripes, et al. My current gear is a Les Paul studio going through a Vox AC15. I love the sound of it when it overdriven, but I play live a lot and I need something where I can go from clean to dirty without having to change any knobs. As for price range, anything less than $200. I'd prefer to buy something new, just so I can return it if it doesn't work blah blah.

Also I'm from Vancouver, if that matters.

I love the way my Red Llama sounds with my AC15. You can use it as a boost to get the more amp-y tone too. I've got a Route 808 too (Nick Valensi from the Strokes uses a Double Trouble, which is basically two 808s in one). Tube screamers have a more middy tone with less bass and color the signal a bit more, but give you great standard overdrive tone. The Red Llama has a ton of bass and volume, sounds sort of like a broken speaker with the drive up. It also sounds especially great on the Normal channel.