Hey everyone, currently in a bluesy+fingerstyle type vibe. Looking for some songs similar to Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (1931 version) and Laurence Juber - White Pass Trail (not exactly blues, somewhat similar sound though). Help me out, really want to expand myself in this style. Thanks!
There are lots of great fingerstyle blues songs from that era up through the 40s.

One I would recommend is R. Johnsons Kind Hearted Woman Blues. It's not overly hard, it's a good song for learning how to play a bassline under the melody and rythmn, which is commonly used in fingerstyle blues.
There are probaly quite a few lessons for it on youtube.

If you are looking for more of a challenge, then try Willie Brown's Mississippi Blues. There are lots of versions of this one, rangeing from relatively simple, to headache inducing hard (see Stephan Grossmans version). I'm presently trying to figure out the Johnny Winter rendition of it.

It's a great genre to play, so blow the dust off your old gitbox and have some fun. Good luck.

Edit; second link provided is the commonly seen way of playing it.
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