www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGEPa0d3-HI after you finish nostalgiajizzing on your keyboard, watch again at 30 seconds. I've been trying to recreate that but I can never get it audibly or correct. I've seen other guitarists do this (Guthrie Govan being one of them) but I have no idea how, or what it's called. Help?
really its just pick scraping and pulling off between multiple notes. guthrie does it with his hands instead of the pick, but while the pick sweeps across the string (vertically), it activates some of the harmonics that would occur when playing those notes (the ones hes hammering and pulling off on). if your doing it with your hand, only touch the string and slide up lightly, you don't want to dampen the sound.

not sure about an actual name, but thats really all there is too it.
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