Hey, I would like to ask if by any chance, is there any one who is using or used zoom 606 guitar pedal. Very old one though. I have one and need to create some custom patches. I googled lot but cudnt find anythng except that zoom 505 patches. But it doesnt suit at all to 606 settings. So if anyone have a link or a pdf please let me know.thankx )))
I have used one for a live show.I'll give you an example of what I did.I needed a clean patch and distortion,so do the following:

1: Select an alphabet(A,B,C,D,E,F,G) and a particular number(1-8,I think).These are the patches which have been made and stored.

2: Once you select a particular patch,say,G6 for a clean patch,first,notice the knob on the top right that has different things written...by default it should be on play,if it isn't that means you can edit the sound.You can select the amp that you need(fender,metal etc,these are all present on the left side).

3: Once you have selected the amp,rotate the knob and select the EQ,compressor type ,patch volume(use the + and - signs to change volume),delay type etc.

4: After selecting what you want, turn the knob to the play position,and press store twice..a long press the first time which makes the screen blink once and a short press later which makes the screen flutter.

Tell me if you have any other problem.
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