ok so after weeks of searching stores and craigslist i think i found the amp im gonna get.

but i have heard the tend to run hot and this will be my first tube amp and im a noob at tube related stuff (although competent with most guitar gear haha)

can someone explain what running hot is? and if you own or owned this amp let me know if it has happened or has been a downside in anyway?

btw the consignmet shop that has it wants $300 is that a pretty decent price?
The tubes get hot and there kind of closed up so its hard for any air to get to them to cool them off. I've played probably 20 gigs with my v32 palo 2x12 half stack, and never had a problem. It heats up to the point that the control knobs get literally hot to the touch, but the sound is really good (not much gain in the amp though). One thing I might do is buy a little fan for it, since that much heat probably cant be good.

I got mine for 250, so 300 is pretty good. They were a lot more new, and now they're discontinued and not real easy to come by
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ok thanks, how long does it usually take to get "too hot" and has it ever died on you because of the heat?
they run hot, so do a lot of amps.

it's not much to be concerned with since those amps are known for it.

what kind of music do you play?
Great sound, had it a year but the other day it overheated live and blew a valve, end of gig. Had to get one from a friend who lived close by. Circuits burned out and cost me 80 euros to repair plus 20 euros for new valve...I recommend this amp if you are looking for a great blues or classic rock tone but it is famous for overheating.