Kind of stuck on a progression, first attempt at being "jazzy". The progression, so far is:

Amaj7 - E7sus4/B - Dmaj9 - Gadd9/D

Amadd9 - Em/G - Fmajadd9 (0-8-7-0-10-0) - Fmaj7add9 (0-8-7-0-8-0)

Tab is written from E to e.

The Amaj7 and E7sus4 sound good to me, and I want them to stay. I tried a Dmaj9 but it didn't quite fit, so I tried a Gadd9/D instead. I also don't know what key its in, or what I would use to solo over top of the verse section.

Does this work? It sound alright, doesn't quite sound like a "regular" jazz progression like a II-V-I-VI, but it sounds fairly dreamy and airy, and that's what I'm going for. It feels like it resolves to the Gadd9, but I'm not sure.

I mainly just want your guy's input.
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Try maybe like a Dm7?
As for what key don't take this to heart but this is my guess. The verse would be in A and it would change in the chorus to F? No idea, just my minimal knowledge of jazz chords