I happened to walk past my father as he was watching TV when he asked me about something he had seen earlier. He was watching Austin City Limits on PBS when he saw something on one of the members guitars he hadn't seen before. I looked up the performance and sure enough I hadn't seen it either.

Here is the video: http://vimeo.com/34036872

The thing in question only gets shown around 3:04 and 3:23.
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I've never seen that, either, but it looks like he's just attached some of those hard, plastic loop things, which have endless applications, onto the guitar's bridge. Don't really know why, but I'd guess that it's in order to make some certain kind of a sound.

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i don't know what its called, but if you can listen you can hear the effect. They are little hammers working on the same principle as the hammers in a piano and hitting the strings which since theyre bouncing seems to have a bit of a tremolo effect. Very cool actually =D