Anyone know if it is fine if I use a hardshell case as a stand for my new Ibanez S570DXQM ( excellent guitar by the way) or this just a bad idea because there is some possibility that the neck could warp, or should I just not worry at all. I haven't been able to get a stand yet and this is my only alternative for a while.
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Are you talking about leaning it on the case standing up? Why not just keep it in the case when you're not playing it?

No, I mean keep it inside the case. It does sound like something that would work fine and all and I have seen many people do this with even the most vintage of guitars but I am in a very dry environment and I just changed the strings, truss rod, bridge height and every other little thing that I don't feel like naming off, and these adjustments can change overnight, as we have all learned the hard way. And I have already dealt with warping and truss rod issues with other guitars. I'm just worried that this can this screw with the neck and ruin this guitar that I just spent quite a bit (all of my) money on.
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um..... puttin it in the case is probaby the safest way of storage.

Your talking about leaning the case upright and leaving it open aren't you? I wouldn't do that, always close your case and latch it. I can not remember how many people I have seen break head stocks off by not latching a case.
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a 10$ humidifier would be a good investment.

buy the ones that sit inside your case, and keep the guitar in its case when not in use.
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You neck is already under at least 100 pounds of pressure from your guitar strings, leaning the neck against something isn't going to warp the neck.