I'm trying to get a tone similar to the tone used in here. Now i know i wont get the complete exact tone, but i'd like to be somewhat similar/close. However this isn't the typical music that I play, so i have trouble dialing in this type of tone.


From what I can guess, its clangy/twangy/quacky and kinda bright. Can anyone guess the guitar being used? Also, i don't have an actual amp, all i use are amp sims + impulse cabs.

probably a telecaster or strat. and with the amp, try an orange, marshall, or vox model.
The guitar is definitely a Strat-like guitar of some sort; the single coil tone is unmistakable.

You can probably get fairly close by running a Strat through a Marshall. A JCM 800 or a JMP would probably get you pretty close. Orange amps would probably be too dark sounding.
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ahh damn just as i thought, a strat lol. The 3 guitars i own are the complete polar opposite of a strat =(