I know this is probably not the place to ask this but I have felt inadequate and curious:

When playing stuff by Galneryus, is normal to feel that you haven't reached that point in your musical abilities just yet? Kind of like that... "Why am I not that talented?" feeling...

Thank you.
There's always someone out there better than you, don't worry about it. Just play the best you can and keep trying to make progress - it's not about talent, it's about putting in the work.
there's always gonna be somebody better than you, but hope that they're older than you, too

protest the hero put out their debut when they were like, 18, and it's a lyrical masterpiece. then there's always this kid

but yeah there's always gonna be someone somewhere that will make you feel absolutely inadequate. and the cool thing? there's always gonna be someone to make that person feel inadequate, too. it's a long chain of disappointment you really shouldn't focus on. but if you're a masochist, check this out
modes are a social construct