I'm looking for an amp that will deliver punk/pop-punk tones at manageable volumes. Doesn't matter if the amp has a British or American voicing (the Offspring - American, GreenDay - British) as long as it delivers a nice tone that I will be able to record in my bedroom without killing my ears. I use a Shure SM57 for recording and I play a Telecaster with a Hot Rail in the bridge.

I'm looking for a head+cab (preferably 2x12) and I'd prefer to stay in the <$1000 range although I can shell out more if the amp is really nice.

There are just so many amps out there I don't know which one I should choose... Orange Rocker 30 and other Oranges, Mesa Transatlantic, Mesa Mini Rectifier, tons of other Mesas like the Electra Dyne, Budda Superdrive, Jet City amps, Fender SuperSonic, BlackStars and many, many more...
If you can get hold of a Orange Rocker 30, I'd get that, I'm actually after one myself. If not then maybe a Tiny Terror or a Jet city. For a cab i'd suggest either an Orange ppc212 if you can get one cheap ie used, a Harley Benton vintage 212 or a used Marshall 212.

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