Howdy folks. I've got an Epiphone Les Paul Studio and in the past month or so it has developed a kind of staticy/scratchy noise when strumming the strings while using the neck pickup. I only really hear the sound when I'm playing clean, but I figure it probably affects my distorted sound adversely as well. It's not an extremely noticeable sound, but it's there, and it does not occur with my bridge pickup.

Also, occasionally when I switch from my bridge to my neck pickup, the neck pickup won't sound. After toggling it back and forth a few times, the neck pickup will start working again. Do you think the problem might be at the selector switch, or should I just open everything up and check all the connections?

The ironic thing is that I installed my bridge pickup 6 months ago (first time soldering, lol) and it sounds 100% clear with no problems whatsoever.
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