I am trying to record a guitar using the following equipment: Sure SM 57 microphone, Peavey 14 track USB mixer which then goes into a laptop onto recording software called Cakewalk Music Creator 5. My Problem is that when I try to record, a loud buzzing/hissing can be heard. I have tried some of the hum removal eq's installed in the software but this does not help at all, any ideas of how to remove this humming/hissing?
Cheers Kurt
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check cables try other mic's if you have any to narrow down where the hum is coming from

Sorry i forgot to mention, I am using Proel premium Microphone cables, I think the buzz may be coming from the mixing desk, is there any type of interface I could buy to remove this? Cheers.
does the headphone out of the usb mixer (direct monitoring) also have the buzzing. And have you tried with a different cable, just cos good cables can still break.

Basically you shouldn't have a loud humming (any louder than the amp makes normally) with this equipment so it's got to be a fault somewhere.

any cheap audio interface with xlr input should fine.
Hums can be caused by improperly grounded cables and outlets. Make sure that all of your power cables are grounded, and that the outlets you're plugging into also has a ground and is wired properly.

Buzzes can be caused by electrical interference, anything from the AC turning on to the refrigerator running. Make sure that your cables are properly shielded to help prevent interference.

You can try to EQ the hums/buzzes out by creating a narrow Q and finding those frequencies, then cutting. Just be warned that this will also affect your music.