Quick question about the solo section of "Viking Kong".
The song is pretty much in A minor until 2:30 where it goes into E (which is the V7 of Am) and there is no progression, the bass just plays E over and over. What i want to ask is - would it make sense to play E minor over it as there is no third being played to differentiate between E maj and E min or would it be plain wrong?

Hope it makes sense and thanks to those who will help me!
You can play whatever you like over it.

Something is hardly ever wrong, it can be (too) dissonant yes, but wrong..no.

Rather think about it like this:

People's ears try to find harmony, and if there's no presence of a major or minor like the example you proposed, then it will almost always imply it in relation to the tonic/key.

Now you can follow this, but maybe you want to play around making it major, for the contrast.

Just listen and think of what you want to convey, cause you are in a position where if you play major over that, and the bass does not change, the ambiguity will be in your favour, since your the melodic player.

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