I have spent a few weeks trying to figure this one out. I have everything updated on line6 monkey. I get a signal in the standalone version of Podfarm, and Podfarm 2. I open Cubase, I open "Device Setup", then change my driver to AsioUX2. I then create an audio track where I insert Podfarm, or Podfarm 2. When Podfarm opens up I have no signal, and when I click on the mixer I only have Input: Stereo/Left/Right in the drop-down box? I have gone into the control panel and changed settings so UX2 is the primary. Anyone have any ideas before I spend hours uninstalling and reinstalling Line6? Oh yeah. I'm also using windows.

I would love you if you solved my problems.
Do you have audio already recorded on the audio track? Or are you playing guitar through your UX2?
Make sure that the input for the audio track in Cubase is set to the UX2 input that your guitar is going into. Does the UX2 show that you are getting signal from your guitar?
I pick the input on the left panel of the audio track where it says insert right? No I get no signal in ux2. But I do in the standalone
I'm not too familiar with Cubase in particular. But it sounds like that's not really your problem. If you're not reading signal on the meters on your UX2, then the problem is before Cubase. Try to follow the signal path. If your UX2 isn't getting any signal, then it can't pass any information on to your computer. Make sure the inputs on your UX2 device are turned up, your guitar volume is turned up, and try to get the meters on the UX2 device to show signal when you play the guitar.