Just got this in the mail yesterday, it was a birthday gift to myself.

For those of you who are already pretty familiar with the acoustic guitar, in particular fingerstyle playing, I highly recommend The Guitar Book by Pierre Bensusan. He's become my favorite acoustic guitar player, not just because of his playing but also because of his persona and attitude. The book is filled with tablatures/notation of many of his earlier recordings, as well as good articles on basic technique and preparation. Somehow, he fit a detailed breakdown of the extensor muscles and more that control the forearms and phalanges.

There's also poems, interviews, artwork, and recipes strewn throughout the text, including stuff with George Lowden and Leo Brouwer.

The book isn't a straightforward technique book, but very much a work of art in itself.

Hope this interests some of you in it
My God, it's full of stars!