Hi. I started looking into some guitar theory stuff because I want to understand what I'm doing and improve my playing. I started with the pentatonic scale, since it is the only scale apart from the major scale that I know how to play. I was surprised to find that there is a major and minor pentatonic, and that there are different ways of playing them. All along I thought that there was only one way of playing this scale.

So I found this website, but the 5th figure of the major pentatonic as explained here (which is how I've always played the pentatonic scale) is exactly the same as figure 1 of the minor pentatonic when you look here

It would be great if someone could explain the difference
For every major scale, there is a relative minor, which is the exact same scale. The difference between them is just the emphasis of where you focus. Say G Major, it's the same scale as E Minor, however when you play E minor, you're going to focus more on the E and the minor key feel of it, versus when you're playing the G Major scale, you're going to want to focus on the pieces which make it G Major and not E Minor. Hope that helps!
Drool do you mean by emphasis, the root note?
as Am pentatonic is also Cmajor in terms of notes on fret, but difference is root starting point?
It can be, yes. The root note makes a big difference. But depending on what you're really playing, there will be emphasis on features on on scale which are not in the other. Or perhaps the way runs/licks are played (or which ones you play) by where you start and where you end.

But yes, root note is an important clarification, thanks
The human ear hears notes relatively, ie compared to a root.
If you play a g over a d chord and then a while later hear an f over a c, they will sound the same because d and g and f and c are the same distance apart. That's why what note you are centered on changes the sound so much.
Those diagrams are not exactly the same, the root is different. Learn position 1 of both scales, wity the black dot for both of them on 5th fret E string and see if they sound different.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.