Hey guys,

So I'm considering picking up a Fender Tele 72 Custom, I was playing one today and it sounded pretty hot, my worry, however is that the shop I was in (J.G Windows) don't stock Marshall amps (Which I use and have at home), so I was playing it through a Fender amp.

Has anyone got any experience of playing these through a Marshall? (Specifically a Mode Four?)
I guess it's going to sound pretty meh just like any other guitar through a Mode 4.
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The pickups in the 72 Custom are somewhat hot by Fender standards but pretty average but fairly standard elsewise. The bridge pickup is the standard MIM Tele pickup and the 'Wide Range' humbucker at the neck is actually a regular-sized alnico 2 humbucker wound to around 10k (it's surrounded in a lot of wax to fill out the bigger cover), which is a little hotter than most 'vintage' humbuckers but not as hot as most modern humbuckers. Fender does advise you lower both of these pickups further than you usually would since the magnet pull on the bridge is pretty strong and the neck can get a little muddy. Also the guitar use 250k controls for both pickups I believe, many peopel find changing the humbucker's controls to 1k ones bring back a lot of the clarity that a Wide Range pickup should have (though for real Wide Range tones, check out The Creamery).

Though output doens't mean all that much anyway. The difference between a pickup wound to 7k and the same pickup re-woudn to 12k isn't all that much in terms of the output and effect it will have on your distortion. These hotter pickups will egnerally have a warmer tone for sure but the output isn't that big of a deal. People vastly overestimate how much pickup output matters.
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yes different guitars sound different with different amps, but you should have the instinct to evaluate how your rig would sound. if you are really concerned, if they have a return policy, maybe it be best for you to pick it up and if you don't like the guitar return it.

know the policy well, it certainly varies, some have restock fees, etc. then i wouldn't do it.

also whats to keep you from bringing your amp in? i have a few times to test out a guitar. granted my main rigs i wouldn't bring, but if you have something more portable that you are familiar with will help. they are good sounding guitars. look into changing the pots though, it makes a HUGE difference. i think some people swap caps do it even better.
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