I just bought a used acoustic guitar. It's a Cheri - some old south Korean brand. The neck is under bowed, so the action is quite "high". Iv'e tried to tighten the trussrod, but could'nt do more than a quarter turn, and It's still under bowed.
The strings on the guitar is a bit thicker than the ones I would normally use. (probaly 0.12- I use 0.11) Could this maybe the reason for the under bow? Any ideas on what i should do?

- Jonatan
Are you absolutely sure it's bowed? You might want to post pictures for conformation.

I thought my acoustic was possibly bowed when I first got it for the same reason, the strings were really high off the fretboard. You might just want to try lighter gauge strings like .10. It definitely made my guitar easier to play.

dbl edit: Ahh I messed that up. but google pictures of a bowed guitar neck before you decide if it really is or not
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There's a lot of pressure on that truss rod right now. Try down-tuning all the strings and then tightening the truss rod. If you can get it to tighten, it should stay that way and you can just tune it back up. Also, make sure you're turning it the right way. I've admittedly made that mistake...

- Dave