Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted anything. So I've been working one writing some acoustic music, I'm thinking if the songs are any good I might record a small EP(who knows if that'll ever happen). Anyway, I wrote this song it's called 'Back in the Summer' this is just a rough recording on my iPod, it's not perfect but I think it gets the gist of the song across. If you could give me any feedback on how to make this song better that would be awesome.


Just leave a link to your music and I'll C4C as soon as I can

It was pretty good. I think you may have overused the phrase "I remember", but I do get that thats what the theme of the songs is. Your vocals are good and the vocal melody works really really well in this song. I think in the first verse section, when you repeat that melody over and over it would sound good if you switched it up on the third time, maybe go up a step after the first note, instead of down a half step. I really loved your vocals during the bridge around 3 minutes.

Something that could've benefitted would be a second guitar track. I guess thats not plausible if you're just doing a video recording, but if you get around to recording this for an EP, some lead guitar lines could really enhance the whole mood of it. From what I could hear, the lyrics were good too.

Overall, very good song. I know its not as good, but could you crit an acoustic track I did as well?
I thought the intro was a little weak compared to when the song really picked up.
It's also a shame the audio quality isn't that great, however I can see past that and I can totally hear in my head how this song is supposed to sound.
Although the vocals could do with a bit more power behind them, I like the the sentimental lyrics and sorta vibe that goes with it, you could do more with this.
you should totally re-record this in a higher quality and maybe add some more depth to it. This song could really be something man!

Oh and if you have a few minutes spare I'd appreciate it if you could give me a little feedback with my latest track (I'm not sure where to go with it)

edit: I've listened to it again. And i like it more than I should.
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