Kinda depends on what gear you're using...
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Kinda depends on what gear you're using...

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An amp with 6L6 tubes, not too much mid and boosted treble and bass. For the clean, anyway. I'd try a 6 or 10 band eq and play with the eq sliders to get the tone.
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I'd set it to a lightly overdriven sound. Then I'd add some strong mids in there to give it body (somewhere in the are of 60-80%, depending on the amp). Then I'd roll the treble up to somewhere in the area of 75-95% as needed to give the tone the highs it needs. I'd put the bass somewhere around 35-65% to give it a little bit of a bottom end, but not enough to darken the tone. Add gain as desired. It also sounds like there might be room for a little bit of delay or a chorus effect to thicken the sound without losing the brightness.