I'm looking to get a portable recorder at around the $100 price range, maybe a bit more if necessary. I literally just need it to record riffs and song ideas so I don't forget them later (I am a very forgetful person lol). So I won't be doing any exporting of sound files to an actual recording rig and using them in my songs, etc.

It should be very simple to use, and sound quality should be decent, though I'm not expecting much from a recorder of this price range, obviously!

Any suggestions?
I think you can get a nice one for less than that. I use my mp3 player's built-in recorder for that and it works just fine as long as it's not really loud bass or drums.
If you have a newer phone, most all of them come standard with some kind of voice recorder, or one can be downloaded from their app store.

Otherwise, you just missed the deal on a pretty nice Zoom one for the Stupid Deal of the Day yesterday from Musician's friend, it was half off. You might want to still look into them, I'm sure you can get them for a decent price.

You can always go for a Flip HD camera. It's not really an audio recording device, per se, but the older generations can be found pretty cheap, and instead of just recording audio, you can record a video of yourself actually playing the notes, so you don't have to find them later.
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