Hi guys i have strat type guitar and i think i need to change the nut( the slots are too low on A & D strings). I was looking at some graph tech slotted ones(tusq or nubone and don't know for now) but here's the deal.
My current nut has those dimensions (as good as i could get them e-E maybe little longer than 33 mm but not that much).

Measurements Thickness Length Height E to E
Millimeters 3 42.5 4.6 33
inches 0.1181 1.6732 0.1811 1.2992

graph tech ones goes

Measurements Thickness Length Height E to E
Approx. In. 1/8" 1 3/4" 1/4" 1 3/8"
Inches 0.13 1.764 0.255 1.362
Millimeters 3.3 44.81 6.48 34.59

and i also found one that goes like this
T: 3.28mm / B: 42.83mm / H: 5.12mm / E-E: 34.43mm

I don't have tools or want to get ones to work on a blank. I also don,t have good access to some luthiers besides it's a cheap guitar so i don't want too waste a lot of money on it.
So would those nuts work with a little filling on the sides or should i search for something more to original size.
And one question, some of those nuts are for flat bottom, some are not, how to check what type i have and if necessary can i convert one to flat bottom.