Hey, UG. I'm pretty sure this doesn't count as a settings thread.

I've been a Mesa Boogie Lonestar Classic owner for about a year. For the most part, I love my amp. However, I have run into a common issue that other owners have struggled with: the 2nd channel is harder to work with.

It seems as if it has a radically different tonal characteristic than the 1st channel - a characteristic that is boxy and really low-mid focused. No matter how I set the controls, I can't quite seem to get rid of this quality; it's like frequencies of the EQ controls all blend toward mush, with the high-end inherently being rolled off.

It strikes me as lacking in clarity and sufficient upper-mids. In order to get managable sounds out of it (to my ears), I've had to run it with the bass all the way off and the treble boosted a good bit, and this way I've managed to get some ok tones for recording purposes, but I don't think I should have to use such radical settings on an amp in order to approach being pleased with it.

I'm not here to ask for settings - I've experimented enough to conclude that the 2nd channel just doesn't quite do it for me at any setting. I'm here to ask if the Reeder mod is a choice I should make. The Reeder mod is to simply switch the pots between the master and gain controls. Allegedly, this makes the 2nd channel much more like an actual clone of channel 1 (I.E. clear and transparent), but with the option of adding more dirt. I want the dirt without the mud.

So what I would like are opinions on whether the mod does this well, or if there are some possible drawbacks to the mod. I feel very close to taking the plunge and doing the mod. But I don't want to do the mod only to find that there is some opposite, new problem (like 2nd channel being too bright).