Hey there good people of UG.

I'm looking to sell my Fender Blues Deluxe. It's a fantastic amp, loads of character and style. It's got a few nicks and signs of aging, but hey that's how they're meant to look right? They call it relicing on guitars, it's only a matter of time before that style translates to amps too!

It's a 40w two channel amp, lush clean sounds, and a very usable gain channel. It's low-mid gain but reacts superbly to pedals. I can get all the filth I need with the gain channel and a tubescreamer. You'll never be short of clean headroom with this badboy either. Loud is an understatement! Nice spring reverb to boot.

I picked this up about a year or so ago in a trade for my Blackstar HT20, as I was looking for something with a more tweakable clean channel. As it turns out, the Fender is almost too loud for my needs. I'm not gigging much at the moment and even when I do, it's at small venues, or venues that tend to mic amps up.

I've now got hold of a Laney VC15, which fits my needs much better, so my gorgeous Fender has to go. You know how it is - one in, one out!

Offers of around £350 will be seriously considered.

I'm in Wolverhampton and would prefer cash on collection to give you the chance to try the amp out first. Having said that, it's all working perfectly and I'm happy to meet up at a halfway point at no extra cost within a reasonable distance.

I think that's everything - here's some photos...





Gorgeous amp. Stunning, rich cleans, bluesy gritty gain.

Loud enough to rattle your g spots....